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Russia bans biography of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his hadiths

According to media reports, the KGB banned important Islamic books as “extremist literature” in Russia, in particular:

– Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – “Biography of the Prophet Muhammad” by Ibn Hisham and “Life of the Prophet” by Safi al-Rahman al-Mubarakfuri.

– The booklet “Muslim Fortress. From the Words of Remembrance of Allah, Found in the Quran and the Sunnah”.

– Collection of Hadiths “Gardens of the Righteous” and “40 Hadith of Imam al-Nawawi”, ”Stories of the Prophets from Adam to Muhammad. From the Words of Ibn Kathir”, and more than 60 other books.

The ban on Islamic books was proclaimed by Lenin’s District Court in the South Uralian city of Orenburg during a secret meeting on March 21, but became public only now. The ban covers all Russia.

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Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Truly Is the Prophet of God

This research has compiled evidence, proofs, verses, signs and miracles (including the miraculous nature of the Quran) which combine to prove the prophecy of Muhammad (sws).

Many brilliant scholars have studied this evidence (some of which is scientific), and become convinced of the Message of Muhammad (sws) and the trustworthiness of the Quran and Hadith (the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad, sws).

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