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Perverse Nature

Al-Baqara (The Cow) Sura 2: Verse 258 (partial)

“Allah does not give guidance to wrongdoers.”

This sums up the basic principle concerning guidance and error. The term zalimin (wrongdoers or unjust persons) in Quranic terminology refers to those who misuse the gifts and faculties given to them by Allah. Instead of considering them as Allah’s blessings and being grateful to Him, they regard them as theirs by right — a privilege that they deserve. Consequently, they become proud and insolent like Iblis, the Devil. Instead of obeying Allah and adoring Him, they install themselves over others as their gods and lords. Such people, the Quran says, are unjust and become wrongdoers and are left to grope in darkness all their lives. No matter how clear and plain the message of truth is, because of their perverse nature, they always find some excuse to refute and reject it. Like Nimrod, they are sometimes dazzled by truth, but they cannot see clearly. They may at times be puzzled and rendered speechless, yet they will not embrace the truth and walk in its path.

Compiled From:
“Pondering Over The Qur’an: Surah al-Fatiha and Surah al-Baqarah” – Amin Ahsan Islahi

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Amazing Architectures: Miracle of The Quran

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Austria bans distribution of Quran!

Austria bans distribution of Quran!

VIENNA – Austria’s parliament has passed a law to ban full-face veil in public spaces, besides outlawing the distribution of Koran (Quran).

Starting in October, women wearing garments that fully cover the face will have to face fines of 150 Euro ($A225).

The legislative package, which has been introduced for refugees and asylum seekers to make them suitable for Austria, forbids distributing the Koran and requires all migrants to Austria to participate in an integration year during which they would learn German and ethics.

It is not clear yet how the latest move by the Austria would affect people. The measure has been slammed by both political extremes, in some cases for not being tough enough.

A similar ban has been place in France and Belgium since 2011, the Netherlands introduced a partial ban in 2015, and the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, endorsed her party’s call to ban the full-face veil “wherever it is legally possible” last year.


For a free copy of Quran and other Islamic booklets, click here.

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China: Muslim girl arrested for tweeting an ayah from Quran!

China: Muslim girl arrested for tweeting an ayah from Quran!
A Muslim woman in China’s troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang has been arrested for posting passages from the Quran and other religious material on social media.

The 26-year-old woman from the Muslim-majority Uighur ethnic group was detained in the city of Korla this week on charges of spreading “extremist religious thought”, Radio Free Asia reported.

“There is extremist religious content that you’re not allowed to repost, and she reposted it; she reposted that kind of thing many times,” an employee at a government-backed extremism watchdog told the media outlet.

They added that posting quotations from the Quran or about God was “against the law”.

The far-western region is the homeland of the Uighurs – a Turkic-speaking group, many of whom complain of cultural and religious repression and discrimination – and is often hit by deadly unrest.

Last month, Chinese authorities released a list of dozens of banned baby names as part of a crackdown on “extremism”.

The banned names include Islam, Quran, Jihad, Hajj, Mecca and Medina – although a full list has not yet been published.

Earlier this year, authorities in Xinjiang announced a ban on beards and burqas, saying growing “abnormal” facial hair or wearing robes that cover the whole body and face were now prohibited.

Human Rights Watch has slammed the measures as oppressive.

“This is just the latest in a slew of new regulations restricting religious freedom in the name of countering ‘religious extremism’,” Sophie Richardson, China director at HRW, said in a statement.

“These policies are blatant violations of domestic and international protections on the rights to freedom of belief and expression.

“If the government is serious about bringing stability and harmony to the region as it claims, it should roll back – not double down on – repressive policies.”

Beijing regularly accuses what it calls exiled Uighur separatist groups such as the East Turkestan Islamic Movement of orchestrating attacks in the vast, resource-rich region.

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US:Extremist vandal Breaks Into Tuscon Mosque, Rips Up Copies Of Quran

US:Extremist vandal Breaks Into Tuscon Mosque, Rips Up Copies Of Quran

An unidentified extremist broke into an Arizona mosque early Monday morning and ripped up copies of the Quran.

The Islamic Center of Tucson wrote in a Facebook post that the man, seen in surveillance footage wearing a University of Arizona T-shirt, entered the mosque at about 3:30 a.m. Monday.

“He ripped copies of the Qur’an and threw them around the prayer room before leaving the building,” the center wrote. “Thankfully no one was hurt.”

Imraan Siddiqi, executive director at the Arizona chapter of The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, called on “local, state and federal law enforcement authorities to investigate this incident as a possible hate crime and for religious and political leaders to speak out against the growing Islamophobia in our state and nation that results in such acts of bigotry.”

The attack on the mosque comes amid a frightening surge in hate incidents targeting Muslims.

Hate crimes rose 7 percent in the U.S. in 2015, according to the FBI, a rise driven largely by a 67 percent increase in hate crimes targeting Muslims. The FBI hasn’t released hate crime statistics for 2016.

Also in 2015, mosques were targeted for vandalism, arson and other types of destruction 80 times, a nearly 400 percent rise from 2014, according to a report from CAIR.

In a seven-week span this year, three mosques in the U.S. have fallen victim to arson, according to authorities. And just this past weekend, a mosque in Michigan caught fire, although the cause of that blaze is unknown.

Mohammad Khursheed / Reuters
A mosque in Victoria, Texas was destroyed by fire in January. Authorities determined the cause of the blaze to be arson. 

Meanwhile, the number of anti-Muslim hate groups tripled in 2016, according to a recent report from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a rise the SPLC attributed to the anti-Muslim rhetoric of President Donald Trump.

Members of the Islamic Center of Tucson have faced anti-Muslim sentiment themselves. “Terrorist, go back to where you came from!” someone shouted from a car window at the Islamic Center’s president, Ahmed Meiloud, last year.

And college students in neighboring private high-rise dorms are known to throw bottles and cans at mosque members. “Yes, these are students, usually drunken students, but these attacks aren’t random,” Meiloud told The New York Times. “We are the target.

Source:The Huffington Post

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Quran speaks to everyone !

via The Quran Speaks To Everyone! – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf — Blogging Theology

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The Story of the Jewish Scribe with Al-Ma’mun

By karkooshy

A story found in Dal’ail Al-Nubuwa by Imam Al-Bayhaqi (beginning Volume 7, page 159 of Al-Shamela’s version of the book). I came to know of this story from a video of Sheikh Saleh Al-Maghamsi narrating another version of it.

The translation is a holistic one. Anything in square brackets “[ ]” is not based in the original text, and is just there to expound on the story.

The Story:

Al-Ma’mun [one of the Abbasid Caliphs] headed a court for debate. One day, a Jewish man entered the court. The man was handsome, adorned with luxurious clothes, wore good perfume, and spoke eloquently. After the debate session was over, Al-Ma’mun called the man to him. Al-Ma’mun asked: “Are you a Jew?”

The man answered: “Yes.”

[After observing the skill of this Jewish man, Al-Ma’mun attempted to persuade him to convert to Islam] Al-Ma’mun offered: “accept Islam, and I will reward you.”

Refusing, the Jewish man responded: “Judaism is my religion, and the religion of my forefathers”. Then the Jew left, and did not return for some time.

A year later, the same man entered the debate court again, only this time he was a Muslim! And once again, he spoke eloquently during the debate session. After the session was over, Al-Ma’mun called the man to him and asked: “Were you not our friend from before?”

The man answered: “Yes.”

Al-Ma’mun then asked: “How did you accept Islam?” [Al-Ma’mun was pleasantly surprised that the man accepted the faith, despite his refusal a year ago alongside the offer of reward. There must have been some amazing reason which provoked this man to change his mind].

The man answered with his story: “After leaving your court I wanted to test these religions, and as you can see I am a skilled scribe.

So I wrote three beautiful copies of the Torah, and three beautiful copies of the Gospel. Except that I had inserted fabrications in each copy, and removed parts of the text. I offered the copies to the church, and they bought them from me.

I then went on to test the Quran. I wrote three beautiful copies of the Quran, except that I had inserted fabrications in each copy, and removed parts of the text. I attempted to sell it to Muslim scribes who traded in books and manuscripts. The Muslims examined the copies, and when they found my interpolations they threw the copies away and refused to buy them from me. At that moment, I knew this book was protected, and this is how I came to accept Islam.”

Yahya Ibn Aktham [the original narrator of this story] said: I went to Hajj and met Sufyan Ibn U’yayna on that year. I told Sufyan this story, and he told me: “This is in accordance with what Allah has told us in His book”

I replied: “where?”

He said: “In the saying of Allah when describing the Torah and the Gospel {as they [the Jews and Christians] were bidden to protect the book of Allah} [Quran 5:44]. Allah gave the responsibility to the Jews and Christians to protect their scripture, so their scripture was lost. And Allah says {Verily We revealed the Reminder, and verily We are its Protector} [Quran 15:9]. Instead, Allah is protecting the Quran for us, so it was not lost.”

Imam Al-Bayhaqi concludes: And in the book and the narrations of the predecessors, is evidence for this. When the previous nations would want to change their religion, they would first change their books despite believing it is the truth. Then after some time, they would begin following their own desires, and justify this by citing their own perversions to scripture.

As for this Ummah, Allah has protected His Book, and the Sunnah of His prophet ﷺ. He has made this Ummah firm upon its beliefs, not changing anything from it – even if some might say so out of desire or ignorance. Praise be to Allah for protecting His religion, and for what He has guided us with. We ask that He keep us firm until death, and we ask that He forgive us on the Day of Resurrection, the God who Hears our supplications, the One who does what He wills. And peace and blessings upon His Prophet Muhammed ﷺ.

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