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Signs in the mountains -Quran 35:27 -Amazing !

Chapter (35) sūrat fāṭir (The Originator)

Verse (35:27)

Sahih International: Do you not see that Allah sends down rain from the sky, and We produce thereby fruits of varying colors? And in the mountains are tracts, white and red of varying shades and [some] extremely black.

Pickthall: Hast thou not seen that Allah causeth water to fall from the sky, and We produce therewith fruit of divers hues; and among the hills are streaks white and red, of divers hues, and (others) raven-black;

Shakir: Do you not see that Allah sends down water from the cloud, then We bring forth therewith fruits of various colors; and in the mountains are streaks, white and red, of various hues and (others) intensely black?

Believe it or not, This is real !

Subhan Allah !

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Shock therapy

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How is Muhammed (saaw) a Mercy to the world?

Abdullah al Andalusi

The Prophet Muhammad (saaw) said: “I was only sent to perfect noble character,” He was declared as a “mercy to all the worlds.”

If ‘faith is between the believer and his Lord’ as Liberals and Modernists like to say, then why need Prophet Muhammed (saaw)? How could Muhammed (saaw) perfect the character of others, if he could not force them to be good? Didn’t the Quraysh have morals they inherited from Ibrahim (a.s)? Surely the Quraysh could have worked out the truth for themselves, and had the moral courage to follow it?

What about the verse of Quran which says the man’s soul has been inspired as to its right and wrong? Why do human individuals need someone else to tell them something that was already inspired inside them?

And if only the noble of mankind would follow the ‘right’ and ‘good’ within himself, what use is it to advise the…

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Arafat !

Tomorrow is the Day of Arafat in Makkah, the most critical day of Hajj.

If missed, cannot be compensated for, which is why the Prophet (pbuh) said, “Hajj is Arafah!” For those outside of Hajj, it was designated as the greatest single day for fasting in the year. The Prophet (pbuh) said that one who fasts that day and it is accepted, will have the minor sins of the past year and the coming year erased!!! Allaahu akbar.

May Allah bless us all with its acceptance, those of us on Hajj and those at home.

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The Meaning of Life

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