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Ever heard of an opera singer embracing Islam?

Assalamualaikum guys! So i’m going to be working with a lovely sister who does excellent work sharing revert stories in the hopes that it will help others who are contemplating reverting. She hopes that by sharing these stories through YouTube videos, it will help others. Check out the website for more information So please […]

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The Priest refused to forgive me !

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Why Christian minister with the US Marines embraced Islam

Blogging Theology

Find out why a Methodist Christian Minister with the US Marines was so intrigued with Islam that he went to the Masjid to take his Shahada but couldn’t find anyone to help him take it until he decided to track down Nouman Ali Khan.

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Central African Republic: Muslims are forced to convert

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — Muslims in the western part of Central African Republic are being forced to hide their religion or convert to Christianity under threat of death, Amnesty International said Friday.

 Central African Republic has been rocked by violence since 2013.

A Christian militia known as the anti-Balaka, who have targeted Muslims and sent tens of thousands fleeing to neighboring countries.

Muslims told Amnesty International they’ve been forced to convert or hide practices.

“We had no choice but to join the Catholic Church. The anti-balaka swore they’d kill us if we didn’t,” said a 23-year-old man in the Sangha-Mbaere prefecture, whose name was not given to protect his security.

A Muslim trader said it was effectively illegal to pray.

“We have to hide, do it quickly, and do it by ourselves,” he said.

Amnesty International said the bans are happening outside areas under the protection of United Nations peacekeepers and renewed efforts must be made to protect Muslims under threat and bring back those who have fled.

“Many of the tens of thousands of Muslim refugees who were expelled from the country in 2014 would one day like to return home, but are waiting until they can do so in a safe and sustainable manner,” the report said.

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I wanted to kill Muslims … but then I became one

I wanted to kill Muslims … but then I became one

The journey to Islam of Ibrahim Killington, who tried to join the British army three times so that he could “kill Muslims.” But then after a period of research he eventually took his shahada.

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“I was forced to accept Islam … I knew I had to accept it, because the only alternative was denying truth.”

“I was forced to accept Islam … I knew I had to accept it, because the only alternative was denying truth.”

The Muslim Debate Initiative

MDI Comment:

It is sometimes argued that people can be criticised for their religion because it is something they themselves choose (as if the only reason not to criticise a quality, for example someone’s race, was if they did not choose it, as if they “cannot help it”). However, acknowledging the conclusions of your conscience is not a choice. The only choice, as the sister in this story has made, is whether you adopt or deny the truth.

Article originally posted in The Muslim Observer 9th July 2015

I was forced to accept Islam

by Danielle LoDuca

Danielle LoDuca

I never aspired to be a Muslim.

I didn’t even want to be a Christian.

The whole concept of ‘organized religion’ was distasteful. I sought to use my mind, not resort to some ancient book for assistance in living my life.

If you had offered me millions of dollars to join one…

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Father kills his daughter for converting to Islam

AMMAN — Police on Saturday were questioning a man and his brother in connection with the murder of a 26-year-old woman, who allegedly converted from Christianity to Islam, in Ajloun, 70km northwest of Amman.

The victim died after receiving several blows to the head with a wooden stick and a rock in a forest in Khirbet Wahadneh on May 1, a senior official source said.

“The victim’s father headed to a police station on Thursday evening and turned himself in, declaring that he killed his daughter,” the source told The Jordan Times.

In his initial confession to the police, the father reportedly said that “his daughter announced her conversion to Islam three months before the incident and therefore he murdered her.”

A second source told The Jordan Times that police are also questioning the victim’s uncle.

“Both men are in custody pending further investigation into the incident but the main suspect so far is the victim’s father,” the source said.

Pathologist Ali Shotar from Irbid’s National Institute of Forensic Medicine performed an autopsy on the victim and concluded that she died of a crushed skull that caused heavy bleeding, according to a medical source.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry on Friday said that calm was restored in Ajloun following the murder of the woman a day earlier, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

“Limited clashes erupted on Thursday following the woman’s death which caused the government to dispatch gendarmerie forces to contain the situation,” Petra reported.

Eye witnesses said the clashes took place between Muslim and Christian residents of Khirbet Wahadneh on Thursday, one day after the murder.

They said the clashes between a limited number of protesters were unprecedented in the town.

The ministry said community leaders in Ajloun intervened and contributed to calming the situation.


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