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250 Hindus revert to Islam in Pakistan.

THATTA – As many as 250 people from Hindu families have on Saturday converted to Islam in Chohar Jamali area in Thatta’s District -Sajjawal-Pakistan, despite the continuous efforts by racists and Islamophobes to mutilate the religion of Islam.

As per details, around 250 people of Hindu Sami family converted to Islam during a ceremony held in in Chohar Jamali area in Thatta’s District Sajjawal.
The ceremony was organized by renowned trader Abdul Aziz Memon, which was attended by large number of political, social and religious personalities.
Those who converted to Islam include males and females. Gifts including Ajrak, clothes, grocery and financial help were also distributed among those who converted to Islam.
Construction of mosque and madarassa in the area were also announced on the occasion.

250 Hindus convert to Islam in Thatta – 92 News HD Plus

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An Orthodox priest praising Muslim Women who observe the modest Hijab and act morally upright.

Blogging Theology

An Orthodox Christian priest in conversation with Sam Shamoun (I didn’t know he spoke Russian).

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China:Man imprisoned for two years for calling to Islam online !

A Chinese man, Huang Shike, who happens to be a member of a Muslim minority group has been sentenced to two years in prison for preaching Islam online.

He was arrested in 2016 from the Xinjiang province because he moderated a discussion group about Islam on a messaging app called “WeChat”.

Huang is a member of the Hui minority and even taught the Holy Quran on another group. Each one had over 100 members. According the China Judgements Online, these discussion groups disturbed religious activity and violated internet laws.

Control over Xinjiang has been tightened by Chinese authorities because of radical Islamic thought infiltrating the region.


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Terrorists open fire on crowd outside mosque in France leaving eight injured

Police in Avignon confirmed two hooded men arrived in a car before shooting into the crowd at random

Two gunmen opened fire on a crowd outside a mosque in south France leaving eight injured.

Police in Avignon are now searching for the suspects who fled the scene at around 10.30pm last night.

Two ‘hooded’ men arrived at the scene outside Arrahma mosque in a Renault Clio, La Provence newspaper reports.

One was armed with a handgun and the other with a rifle.

People were leaving the mosque when one of the men, who had got out of his vehicle, opened fire.

At least four people were injured as the crowd ran away in a panic.

A family-of-four were in a nearby apartment which was hit by ‘shrapnel’.

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About Prophet Muhammad !

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Amazing Architectures: Miracle of The Quran

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Myanmar Muslims face charges for holding Ramadan prayers!

Police brought the charges after about 50 Muslims gathered to pray on Wednesday on a road in Yangon’s Thaketa township, the site of one of a growing number of raids by Buddhist hardliners on Islamic events.

Two nearby Islamic schools were closed in late April after ultra-nationalists complained that local Muslims were illegally using them to conduct prayers.


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