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U.S.A terrorist ‘Robert Bales’ to plead guilty

A US soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians in two rampages last year will plead guilty to avoid the death penalty, his lawyers say.

Seventeen victims were women or children..

Staff Sgt Robert Bales will make the plea in a hearing on 5 June.

He left a US outpost in Kandahar province in the early hours of 11 March 2012, attacking two villages nearby. Most victims were women and children.

Family members of those killed have told the BBC they were outraged he might not die.

“We will not be satisfied unless he is executed,” Haji Abdul Baqi, who had some cousins killed and injured in the attack, told BBC Afghan.

“If they don’t execute him, they are showing their power. He martyred 16 of our people, but they are not executing the one person who did all that. Would they forgive us if we killed 16 Americans?

“We have informed them [the Americans] that we are not taking part in this case because [they] are more powerful than us and a weak person cannot sue a powerful one.”

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