Extremists burn a mosque in Berlin

12 Mar
Extremists burn a mosque in Berlin

Gunmen set fire to a mosque in the German capital of Berlin on Saturday night to Sunday.

“Witnesses saw three masked people pouring flammable materials into the mosque,” said Perm Turk, supervisor of the Kuja Sinan mosque, which is headed by the head of Turkish religious affairs in the Rhinkendorf district of Berlin, in an interview with Anadolu.

Turk told the Turkish news agency that the attackers threw flammable material after midnight last night and fled, pointing out that the mosque was completely burned and was not fit to perform prayers.

For its part, said German police that the attack on the mosque was carried out by one of the broken windows, pointing out that the investigations are still underway.

Local media reported that about 60 firefighters were involved in the fire.

Media reports indicated that the police were studying the hypothesis of carrying out the attack for political reasons, pointing out that the attack could be an outlet by national activists extremists or members of the Turkish community.


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