Donald Trump led me to embrace Islam !

10 Nov

Donald Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric Led this Woman to Embrace Islam


A year ago Lisa Shanklin began reading the Qur’an after seeing Trump’s hateful rhetoric, She then began interacting with Muslims and eventually decided to embrace Islam, She has vowed to begin wearing the hijab on 20th January 2017 – the day Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President. She states:

It was Trump’s hateful rhetoric that led me a year ago to pick up the Quran (I hadn’t read since studying comparative religions at university) and study it closely. This led me to begin interacting with muslims, and eventually to embracing Islam for myself. For that I am so thankful.

I have now decided that on Inauguration Day: January 20, 2017; I will begin wearing hijab in public at all times. I have been reluctant to do so thus far, mainly because I was not raised muslim; and I did not want to represent almost 2 billion Muslims to the average Jane or Joe on the street. But now I say I only represent me. I do not have all the answers about a centuries old religion, I am not always in a good mood, etc. But I will stand against HATE of any kind towards others. Trump won’t need to give me a badge to wear. I will PROUDLY wear hijab and I will call people out on their bigotry of all kinds privately and publicly!



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