10 anti-secular muslims Sentenced to Death in Egypt

08 Jun

“Those who persecute men and women of the believers, and then do not make tawba, will have the punishment of Hell, will have the punishment of the Burning.”

(Al-Burooj, 10)

An Egyptian court has sentenced ten supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood movement to death in absentia on charges of inciting violence and blocking a road last July.

Judge Hassan Fareed on Saturday referred the sentence to the Grand Mufti, the highest Islamic authority in Egypt, a legal requirement usually considered a formality.

Among the defendants referred to mufti:
Abdel-Rahman al-Bar, 50 y, PhD,
Known as the Brotherhood mufti.
Dean of Al-Azhar’s theology faculty (Usool-ud-Deen) and a member of the Brotherhood’s guidance council.

Ph.D. in hadith studies from Cairo University

Abdallah Barakat, PhD, 56 y

Professor of Religions & Doctrine, Umm-ul-Qura University, Saudia Arabia.
Former Dean, Faculty of Islamic Dawah, Al-Azhar University
BA, MA and PhD, with distinction and highest honors in Usool-ud-Deen, Faculty of Islamic Dawah, Al-Azhar University

Mohamed Abdel-Maqsoud, 66 y, a well-known ُEgyptian sheikh:

The army-backed interim government late last year designated the Brotherhood as a ‘terrorist organization’.

Thousands of Brotherhood members have been arrested on charges of ‘incitement-to-violence’ and joining a “terrorist” group.

The defendants, however, deny the accusations, which they describe as politically motivated.

The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists said last month 16 journalists were imprisoned in Egypt.

Many see the judiciary as a tool in the state’s crackdown on dissent.

Courts have recently sentenced hundreds of people, often after brief hearings where little evidence is offered by the prosecution.

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