08 Aug

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happy eid mubarak

First of all HAPPY EID!


Eid-ul-Fitr refers to the festival after completion of fasting in the Month of Ramadaan. This auspicious occasion is celebrated on the 1st of Shawaal, which is the 10th month of the Islamic calendar. The festival of Eid-ul-Fitr is a manner of showing appreciation and gratitude to Almighty Allah for all that He has bestowed upon us.

On the morning of Eid-ul-Fitr, Muslims throughout the world perform the traditional Eid Salaah, which is Waajib upon all Muslims. It is not permissible to miss the Eid prayer without any valid reason. With the exception of performing theEid Prayer, there are also various actions which are desirable on the day of Eid. These are:

1. to trim the hair and nails,
2. to perform the Ghusl (Ceremonial Bath),
3. to use the Miswaak (special toothbrush),
4. to wear (if affordable) or…

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