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Muhammad (PBUH) in Mecca

An inspiring talk by Dr Umar Faruq Abd-Allah. In Mecca, the Prophet Muhammad taught us the foundations of our faith. These essential messages are what we should prioritize above all else.


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Guidance !



Subhanallah,reading this verse from the Quran always reminds me of Allah’s mercy.

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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on how the Muslims saved Jews from the Christian Crusades

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Reverting to Islam

Discovering Islam

There are probably some questions as to why I chose to revert to Islam. Trust me, it was the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life and probably, the hardest I’ll ever have to make. Thankfully, it’s behind me and all I can do is look to the future of my journey.

Being raised in a Christian (more specifically Catholic) household, Islam was not acceptable. No disrespect to my parents, they’re wonderful people, but their opinion of Islam is ignorant. They, like many, many people, don’t understand the religion. They don’t understand why some women wear Hijab, why some men grow big beards, why Muslims aren’t allowed to eat certain foods. They don’t understand why 9/11 happened or why the Boston Bombings happened. They blame these horrible attacks on Islam alone, although I’ve told them many times that while Islam is perfect, Muslims are not.

But I digress.


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This life is the paradise of disbelievers !

If you know the reason behind your actions and deeds and when those actions are justified Islaamically, you will feel satisfied. Otherwise, your worship, your behavior, your life, everything without any reason and purpose, it will not inspire you and neither does they inspire others for good.

Ibn Hajar was the supreme judge and a Jew who worked in frying fish asked him once: ‘You are a great Muslim judge, wearing these fancy clothes and living like a king while I, a disbeliever, and working with boiling oil all my days. Muslims claim that your Prophet said, “This life (dunya) is the prison of the believer and the paradise (jannah) of the disbeliever”. But the way I see it, I am in hell and you are in Paradise, the Jew said.

Haafid Ibn Hajar replied,

The hadeeth is authentic. The lavish life I am living on earth is hell compared to what awaits me if I enter Paradise while the misery you are suffering is paradise (jannah) compared to what awaits you in hell if you die a disbeliever.

The story says that the Jew accepted Islaam later.

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Two Ways of Spreading Light

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Greece bans a song for talking about Islam !

World Bulletin/News Desk

A song composed by Greek composer Manos Hacidakis titled “Kemal” has been banned in Athens following allegations that it serves as “Islamic propaganda” !!

A complaint was received after an elementary school teacher in Greece handed 5th grade students lyrics to a song, composed by Hacidakis for a young man named Kemal whom he met in New York in 1968, so that they could read it during the next lesson.

The school received a complaint that “Islamic propaganda” was being pursued through the “Kemal” song. The reasoning was that “Allah” was present in three times in the song !

In her statement on social media, the teacher who was accused of spreading ‘Islamic propaganda ‘ explained that she was called into the principal’s office after a parent complained.


“Hark to the story of Kemal

a young prince of the East
descendant of Sinbad the Sailor
who thought he could change the world.
But bitter is the will of Allah
and dark the souls of men.”

In the lands of the East once upon a time
the purse was empty and the water stale.
In Mosul and Basra on the old coconut tree
the children of the desert now cry bitter tears.

And a young man of an old and royal line
hears the lament and grows near.
the Bedouins look at him sadly
and he gives them an oath in Allah’s name, that times will change.

When the lords heard of the lad’s fearlessness
they set out with wolf’s teeth and lion’s skin
from Tigris** to Euphrates**, from the earth to the heavens
they hunt for the deserter, to capture him alive.

The horde descends upon him like rabid dogs
and takes him to the Caliph to place the noose [on his neck]
black honey and black milk he drank that morning
before he breathed his last on the gallows.

The Prophet (Muhammed) awaits before the Gates of Heaven
with two elderly camels and a red horse.
They now go hand in hand and it’s cloudy
but the star of Damascus kept them company.

In a month and a year they see Allah before them
and from his high throne he says to the simple Sinbad:
“my beaten smart-aleck, times do not change,
the world always moves on by fire and blades”

Goodnight Kemal, this world will never change.

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