This life is the paradise of disbelievers !

05 Jun

If you know the reason behind your actions and deeds and when those actions are justified Islaamically, you will feel satisfied. Otherwise, your worship, your behavior, your life, everything without any reason and purpose, it will not inspire you and neither does they inspire others for good.

Ibn Hajar was the supreme judge and a Jew who worked in frying fish asked him once: ‘You are a great Muslim judge, wearing these fancy clothes and living like a king while I, a disbeliever, and working with boiling oil all my days. Muslims claim that your Prophet said, “This life (dunya) is the prison of the believer and the paradise (jannah) of the disbeliever”. But the way I see it, I am in hell and you are in Paradise, the Jew said.

Haafid Ibn Hajar replied,

The hadeeth is authentic. The lavish life I am living on earth is hell compared to what awaits me if I enter Paradise while the misery you are suffering is paradise (jannah) compared to what awaits you in hell if you die a disbeliever.

The story says that the Jew accepted Islaam later.

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