Reverting to Islam

05 Jun

Discovering Islam

There are probably some questions as to why I chose to revert to Islam. Trust me, it was the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life and probably, the hardest I’ll ever have to make. Thankfully, it’s behind me and all I can do is look to the future of my journey.

Being raised in a Christian (more specifically Catholic) household, Islam was not acceptable. No disrespect to my parents, they’re wonderful people, but their opinion of Islam is ignorant. They, like many, many people, don’t understand the religion. They don’t understand why some women wear Hijab, why some men grow big beards, why Muslims aren’t allowed to eat certain foods. They don’t understand why 9/11 happened or why the Boston Bombings happened. They blame these horrible attacks on Islam alone, although I’ve told them many times that while Islam is perfect, Muslims are not.

But I digress.


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