France attack muslims in Mali !

15 Jan

We ask God to protect muslim brothers, sisters, children, wives and elderly from the brutal invasion.

Mali Islamists gain ground despite French fighting –

Ludovica Iaccino commented on the barbaric attack on muslims in Mali under the title “The first terrorists are you“:

Killing people to impede them to kill other people seems the only solution we are capable of. France and many other countries should stop engaging wars and killing innocents, hiding themselves behind the excuse of fighting against terrorism. It lacks of credibility: you are not different from the terrorists you bombard.

On Jan. 20, photographer Issouf Sanogo snapped a hallucinant photo of a French soldier in Niono, Mali, wearing goggles and a black mask depicting a grinning skeleton — an image that reminded many of Ghost, a character from the video game “Call of Duty,” AFP notes.

mali french soldier mask

Human Rights Watch said on Saturday that it has received reports of serious abuses by the Malian army against Tuaregs and Arabs in Niono. “We urge the Malian authorities, as well as the French and (West African) soldiers/authorities to do their utmost to ensure the protection of all civilians,”



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One response to “France attack muslims in Mali !

  1. beinquisitive

    January 16, 2013 at 11:36 am

    I am honored to see that you shared my post. Aware is essential, people need to know what is happening. What France is doing is atrocious.


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