It is the Religion of God !

11 Nov

Source: Fajr

As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

هو دين رب العالمين وشرعه *** وهو القديم وسيد الأديان

“It is the religion and the way of the Lord of the Worlds
He is the Ever-Existing, Master of all creeds

هو دين آدم والملائك قبله *** هو دين نوح صاحب الطوفان

It is the religion of Adam and the Angels before him
It is the religion of Nuh, companion of the hurricane

وله دعا هود النبي وصالح *** وهما لدين الله معتقدان

Prophet Hud called to it as did Salih
And in the religion of Allah did they both believe

وبه أتى لوط وصاحب مدين *** فكلاهما في الدين مجتهدان

It is what Lut came with as well the companion of Madyan
And for this faith did they both struggle

هو دين إبراهيم وابنيه معا *** وبه نجا من نفحة النيران

It is the religion of Ibrahim as well as his two sons
And by it was he saved from the blast of the fire

وبه حمى الله الذبيح من البلا *** لما فداه بأعظم القربان

By it did Allah protect from trial the one set for sacrifice (Ismail)
When he did sacrifice him for the greatest of Qurbans (drawing close to God)

هو دين يعقوب النبي ويونس *** وكلاهما في الله مبتليان

It is the religion of Prophet Ya’qub and Yunus too
And in the Way of Allah were they both tested

هو دين داود الخليفة وابنه *** وبه أذل له ملوك الجان

It is the religion of Dawud, the leader, and his son too
And with it was the kingdom of the Jinns made subservient for him

هو دين يحيى مع أبيه وأمه *** نعم الصبي وحبذا الشيخان

It is the religion of Yahya along with his parents
He was the best of sons and most perfect of shaykhs

وله دعا عيسى بن مريم قومه *** لم يدعهم لعبادة الصلبان

And ‘Isa (Jesus) the son of Mary called his people to it
Never did he call them to the worship of the Cross

والله أنطقه صبيا بالهدى *** في المهد ثم سما على الصبيان

And Allah made him speak words of guidance
As a child in his cradle, then he surpassed all children

وكمال دين الله شرع محمد *** صلى عليه منزل القرآن

And the perfection of the religion of Allah lies in the Law of Muhammad
Indeed, the Revealer of the Qur’an has sent His blessings upon him…”

[Excerpt from the Nuniyah of al-Qahtani]

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