Leo Tolstoy – By Dr. Ragheb El-Sergany

18 Sep

Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)

Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, born on 09-09-1828 and died on 20-11-1910, is one of the most prominent novelists and belletrists in Russian literature in the 19th century, if not the greatest novelist in the entire world.

His War and Peace is one of his most famous works. It deals with life’s different stages and describes political and military events in Europe from 1805-1820 including, of course, Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812.

A mention may also be made of his famous Anna Karenina, in which he deals with many social, moral and philosophical issues in the form of an amorous tragedy whose heroin is Anna Karenina.

What is Art is also among his notable works in which he explains that art should morally instruct and improve the conditions of the people and be simple enough to communicate with the masses.

From Tolstoy’s treatise about the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad:

Humanity needs Islamic law

“The law of the Qur’an will prevail in the world because it agrees with reason and wisdom. I have come to understand that humanity needs only a Divine law to establish the truth and destroy falsehood. Islamic law will encompass the entire world because it is consistent with reason and agrees with wisdom and justice.”[1]

They amazed their surroundings

“It is true that the wide spread of Islam at the hands of those (Muslims) did not appeal to the Buddhists and Christians. However, the indisputably well-established fact is that the Muslims, in the early days of Islam, were recognized for their abstinence in the false world, pure conduct, uprightness and honesty so much that they amazed their surrounding neighbors with their noble manners, mercy and kindness.”[2]

O people of vision

“One of the good merits of the Islamic religion is that it enjoins good treatment to Christians and Jews in general and Christian bishops in particular. It commands to deal with them kindly and helpfully and permits its followers among men to marry Christian and Jewish women, who are allowed to remain on their religion – a teaching which implies great toleration not hidden from men of enlightened visions.”[3]

I admire Muhammad

“It suffices Muhammad for pride that he was able to rescue a humiliated and bloody people from the devil of blameworthy habits and opened to them the way of development and progress.

I am one of those who admire the Prophet Muhammad, whom God chose to carry His last message and be the last Prophet.”[4]

A great work

“Undoubtedly, the Prophet Muhammad is one of the greatest reformers who served the social community. It suffices him for pride that he guided an entire nation to the light of truth, made his people inclined to peace and tranquility and giving preference to an ascetic life, prevented them from bloodshed and offering victims from among mankind and opened to them the way of development and civility. This is indeed a great work which could be done only by a man gifted with power, and such a man is worthy of respect and honor.”[5]

[1] Tolstoy’s treatise about the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, (Arabic translation), 10.

[2] Ibid. 43.

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[4] Ibid. 10.

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