9 Reasons Why Muslims Should Be Proud Of Islam !

03 Sep

9 Reasons Why Muslims Should Be Proud Of Islam

ASalaam Alaykum everyone, It is obvious in this day and age the pitiable condition of the global Muslim nation, but condition is temporary while character endures.

You are in a state of weakness being poor, disorganized, dissenting on ethnic and political differences.

Portrayed by the media as violent suicide bombers, fundamentalists, extremists, and other such labels.

But know O Muslim, that though Muslims may waver, Islam is constant.

And you should be proud of your religion and hold on tightly to it, and do not be ignorant of its sterling merits. So I would like to share with you a few reasons why you should be proud of your religion, to remind you lest you forget.

1.The Koran: 

your religion is based on the Koran, not on someone’s random idea, or innovation.
The Koran:
a book about which there is no doubt.

a book that has not been revised since its completion (every Koran is the same to the last letter in plain Arabic; interpretations may however differ)

a book memorised in its entirety by thousands of adherents spread throughout the world from Asia to Africa.

a book containing scientific facts which have only become known to mankind more than a thousand years after its revelation; such as: the forms of the human fetus within the womb, plate tectonics showing how mountains help to stabilize the earth’s surface, how heavenly bodies float in an orbit.

a book in Arabic which is an unparalleled work of literature revealed to an illiterate Arab trader renowned for his integrity,

a book challenging every intelligent person to contemplate on its contents.

The Koran, a miracle plain!!!


your religion is based on the plain unity of the creative force all around us.
The harmonious interplay of all the elements and forces surrounding us make it clear that they are all from a Single Source. The sun, moon, and stars, the day and night, the seasons, the tides of the ocean, the planets in orbit, gravity, electricity, magnetism, the way the species merge into each other, the natural balance of the ecosystem; all pointing to ONE deliberate origin, not an accidental origin hence consisting of several other accidents and not multiple origins with resultant cataclysmic conflicts.


your religion is relatively simple.
Worship your Lord who ALONE created yourselves and the many wonders you see around you; in gratitude, fear, and hope. And this is your primary purpose in the test that this life is.
You don’t have to be a nuclear physicist or molecular biologist to understand this, nor do you need to have any extra terrestrial experience. The truth of your religion is plain and accessible to the average human.


no matter what propaganda popular media is promoting, regardless of the mindless violence of a few misguided adherents, your religion is still a religion of peace.

Peace is a fundamental prerequisite for the progress of the species; humans being prime. But there can be no peace without justice, and there can be no justice without stipulated laws, and laws are effective only when they are enforced.

Hence your religion brought forth a set of laws(the Shariah) comprehensively covering every sphere of human existence: birth, marriage death, inheritance etc.
Laws not rigid, but open to modification by learned jurists after considering the circumstances surrounding the particular events.

So we are to enforce such laws as an eye for an eye to protect the rights of the people from being violated by the arrogant amongst them.

And we punish adultery and fornication severely without being apologetic to prevent the men from raising children who are not theirs, or the giving of the inheritance to wrongful heirs, and to prevent moral unchastity within the society bringing the people to a status lower than even beasts in honour, causing mutual distrust between spouses and eventual disruption of the family; the basic unit of society.

And we have clear laws of inheritance to prevent families from disintegrating;
indeed the worst kind of disagreement is the one between siblings or close relatives.


your religion has placed a lot of emphasis on cultivating and maintaining an excellent standard of character, and we are not short of role models in this regard.
We have several models of humility, integrity, moral and physical courage, perseverance, foresightedness.
We are commanded on kindness to parents especially mothers who bore and raised us in hardship upon hardship. Kindness to relatives, friends, and strangers, up till kindness to animals and plants has been enjoined on us.


your religion emphasizes inner and outer purity.
purity of body: by stipulating cleaning before ritual worship, after relieving the self of wastes, following intimate contact between opposite sexes and following involuntary emissions from the private parts. Up till the encouraging of wearing of white garments.
purity of thoughts, words, and deeds so much so that a kind word is counted as charity.


the tenets of your religion are clear. As such you find that even though there is sectarianism, the areas of conflict are minor in most cases. So the belief in ONE God, one last messenger, and one Koran; the facing of one direction for ritual worship is constant throughout the globe.


in spite being tagged violent, in spite of the apparent weakness and poverty in most Muslim communities, against all odds; your religion is the fastest growing religion worldwide at this very moment.

So we ask those who say Islam was spread by the sword to show us those wielding swords at this present time.
Islam spreads by the irresistible force of the truth, and no matter what the media or some historians say, Islam will spread. And it is a matter foreclosed.

For clarification, when Islam came, nations engaged in military expansion for several reasons: self defense, economic, cultural and political. The Islamic state went further and always gave the option of “submission” before waging war, and even in war, the soldiers behaved honourably sparing children, women, and religious devotees, conduct unparalleled in the history of civilizations. No scorched earth tactics, no atomic bombs, no blatant violation of treaties.


may blessings and peace be on him. And do not fail to remember O Muslims, the final prophet: exalted in this life and the next, the best of mankind, of the highest standard of character.

Kind and gentle, compassionate, courteous, strong and courageous, honest and trustworthy, forbearing and foresighted, noble, moderate, and pure.

His life history is widely available and we have in him the best example. He experienced the full range of human emotions, an orphan, a foster child, a husband, a father, a bereaved father, a spiritual, political, and military leader. Unwavering in faith and dignified in conduct in times of poverty, or wealth.
He honoured and taught us to honour the prophets before him. Forbidding injustice and loving gratitude, truth, and everything good.
Indeed the best way is the way of Mohammed; may blessings and peace be on him.

Indeed, there are too many reasons to be proud of your religion O Muslim, to hold on to it tightly, and to share it with those around you. And what a loud caller to religion is the Muslim whose excellent character shines in the dark abyss that our world is today.
Ma salaam.


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